About Us

The mission of New York Order of Protection Services, Inc. is to
provide a thorough investigation and documentation when an Order of
Protection is violated. Oftentimes a violator will harass the victim
psychologically, mentally, and then eventually physically. Our court
system relies on evidence and proof. The police officers need
evidence of the crime. Domestic Violence agencies can assist you and
do provide you with valuable services, but, they cannot provide you with
the evidence that you need for court. New York Order of Protection
Services will provide that evidence.  You will have concrete proof of
these violations before you go to court.

Our investigators are local, and are seasoned professionals who
excel in fact finding and data verification. We employ highly skilled
career professionals who have former experience in the military and
law enforcement. Our investigators are well skilled in the task of  
surveillance, obtaining video documentation, conducting interviews,
report writing, court testimony, and when necessary will apprehend the
violator if they witness the violation of the Order of Protection.

Call us today if you are seeking documentation of these violations.

Don't second guess
your instincts. You
probably are being
You're not going
crazy. You did see
him. He is following
you. He is calling
constantly and
hanging up the
phone when you
answer. This is
Harassment, a
violation of your
Order of Protection,
and we will prove it.
A Violation of an
Order of Protection
is a crime
. Call 911
for immediate
Are my children safe?
What else can I do?
Executive Protection

NYOPS provides both armed and unarmed security services to victims
of Domestic Violence to and from the workplace, at the workplace, at
social events and within the home.  

NYOPS offers full day surveillance of an individual or individuals. Video
and photo documentation will be provided along with a written report,
investigative summary and recommendations.