New York Order of Protection Services, Inc.

Security Services
Armed/Unarmed Officers

NY OPS Security armed and unarmed security officers are trained effectively for
premises protection where there is a high incidence of theft or vandalism.
Security Officers will provide foot patrols as well as mobile patrols.

Corporate Security (Retail Facilities/Office Buildings)

NY OPS security  officers are either uniformed or in plain clothing. They are
armed or unarmed depending upon a client's specific needs. Such site
recommendations are provided by our Security Consultants.  In a corporate
environment, NY OPS security officers, while in uniform are a visual deterrent, but
are also utilized while plain clothed as a discreet presence in certain corporate

Undercover Operatives

NY OPS security officers provide undercover operatives in the event of suspected
employee theft. An undercover operative is a NY OPS security officer that is
trained and supervised by NY OPS personnel, but hired as a regular employee
through the Human Resource Department or Loss Prevention Department of the
client company. The undercover operative will observe any and all illegal activity
including theft, fraud, drug or alcohol abuse, vandalism, safety violations,
misconduct, employee violence or any other violation of company policy. Such
observations will be documented by the undercover operative ant then NY OPS
security managers will forward such information to the client via a
comprehensive written report.   

The presence of either an
armed or unarmed security
officer deters criminal
behavior while affording
clients and/or employees
the advantage of a safe,
and thus productive work
environment. Officers will
provide foot patrols as well
as mobile patrols to
prevent and deter any  theft,
vandalism, or destruction
of property.
NY OPS Security Services offers preventative measures for losses due to theft,
fire, or vandalism by providing clients with visual deterrents to crime.  

NY OPS Security Services, is adequately licensed, bonded, insured, and provides
clients with highly trained, professional, armed/unarmed uniformed officers. Our
Security services include commercial, industrial, and residential security.

  • Armed/Unarmed Officers
  • Construction and Industrial/Plant Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Retail Facilities & Office Buildings
  • Security Consultation
  • Uniform and Plain Clothed Officers
  • Undercover Operatives
  • Executive Protection
  • Covert Camera Investigations
  • Estate Security
  • Event Security
New York OPS is equipped with several Skywatch mobile security towers rising as high as 30 feet off the ground, providing
optimum panoramic views for surveillance.
Our towers, which
operate manned or
unmanned, also
act as a visual
deterrent for
potential criminal
  • Tactical Armed
  • Armed Security
  • Unarmed
  • Fireguard
  • OSHA Certified
  • Mobile Patrols
We have offices throughout
New York City including the Bronx,
Brooklyn, and Manhattan.
New York Order of Protection Services, Inc.
Residential Security Patrol
Commercial Lobby Security
Residential Lobby Security
Facilities Security
New York OPS provides mobile
patrols for commercial facilities.
Deterrents for your site
New York OPS Tactical Team with New York City Mayoral Candidate, Actor, and Celebrity Richard "Bo" Dietl.
Executive Protection

NY OPS Security Services
provides both armed and
unarmed security services
to Directors and Officers,
and high ranking
executives to and from the
workplace, and at social
events. New York OPS
also provides security
services for gated
communities and estates
as well as special events.
Construction and
Industrial Site Security

Loss of construction
equipment due to theft not
only is a major source of
loss to all contractors but it
also stalls construction
schedules thus adding to
the cost of any project.
Construction and industrial
sites are easy targets for
thieves and also vandals,
therefore an effective and
qualified security presence
is a necessity. NY OPS
security officers meet all
the fireguard qualifications
as well as OSHA